5min. with Fran Cochone - The Hater vs The Worker

I am not a journalist, I am not dedicated to mass media communication, but I have a blog / website where I like to dedicate part of the little free time that I have to learn / understand the work of others and even launching myself to give my opinion of something without anyone asking me. That was my introduction to Fran Cochone.

He lives and works in the north of Spain, in Galicia, a land that he loves and proudly show us on his social networks. He is someone unique who puts his heart 100% in every job that he do in his own shop/worksho, and  many times this detailed work is not enough valued  
That is why I have considered it necessary to share his work with anyone who may be interested to know  the craftsmen working class of bicycle  in Spain.


"I would like to ask you some questions, which I estimate would not take you more than 5 minutes and I think that for certain types of people who put more heart than head when we talk about bicycles, it could be interesting to know more about you and your work." and finally he acepted.

A.-  I imagine that your love for bicycles emerged from childhood, but ... how did the fixed & Single project and Cochone's figure as a lover of restoration come about?

.-  Well, it is difficult to know, I think that the root is that I admire the people of the past a lot, it seems to me that before everything was more authentic and was made to last, Fixed & Single was born at the moment in which I realized that much to my regret I was not cut out to work in the family business, and an injury of so many precipitated me to encourage myself to ride something, I had always liked cycling, I never had the opportunity to practice it in a "serious" way, I even had a time when I severed myself a lot, but one day the light bulb came on, and I thought that in my city, which was betting heavily on mobility, there was room for a different workshop.

.-  I think that the excena of the fixed gear is in ibernate mode, perhaps the target of clients thinking of a fixed gear is lower.

I see that the future of F&S goes more on the side of the workshop and restoration than on a commercial aspect of business in terms of traditional sales. Have you thought about changing the name of the project and focusing it more on you, "your person" as a bicycle craftsman?

F.-  The truth is that it is something that has weighed me a lot, but I think it is too late to change my name. Although the concept of F&S varied a lot, I always approached it as a collective, in a way a club of outsiders, a workshop and small independent store rooted in that "punk" concept of the fixed gear culture, which recycled, which went out to the street to do a bit of vandal, who went out with a track bike to take trips just for fun, along the way we discovered the real culture of the track bike, the epic cycling of before, we were part of something One day we will study how the "movida madrileƱa" haha many were in fashion, but from that way of understanding the bike incredible things came out, I have a lot of friends all over the country who make their living off the bike in different ways, and I'm sure those bike hipsters were a breath of fresh air to cycling.

As for the name of the company, I would lie to you if I told you that I had not thought about changing it, my target at first was young people, now there are many older people, and I think that today my mother would not know how to tell you what her name is my workshop haha

A.-  Which has been the project you have worked on that you especially remember because of how good or how bad it turned out?

F.-  Regarding projects, without a doubt, the most special was Criterium Pontevedra, for better and for worse hahaha was born as a heated one among the friends who at that time were always in the workshop, and who traveled through Spain to races of that type, we had the support from the city council, which at that time was very "bike-friendly" and we started with the idea of doing something so that some Galician Riders would come to test what a fixed gear race was, and little by little we believed in the project and The first year we had people from all over the country, with runners who were among the best in the world, who were seduced by our proposal for a race and much more, a weekend full of activities and friendships, (and Party)

I personally made a tour of different parts of the country, to world events to tell in person what we were doing, the second year we had difficulties but we got ahead with the help of the gang that we were and for the love of art, it was even better , we had good weather, a spectacular race in the center of the city, but all that work of months left the workshop that was not to shoot rockets, and then there was a problem with the financing of the city council that brought me down the road to the bitterness many months, and it was a drag on the business

A.- I think we both share a certain positivism within the "forced reset" that 2020 has meant, what will become of the Cochone of the future?

F.- Well, as you describe it, it started fatally, I came very high after the injury, I set myself a goal to recover to participate in the Spanish cx championship that was held in my city, and at the same time I started working as a bi-messenger again and I lacked rehabilitation time ... when I stopped to take the necessary time, even deciding to close the workshop and look for a normal job, I carry the virus that we all know, which forced me to stay at home longer, my injury worsened .... and to my surprise when referring to the virus there were many people who wanted to get their bike back, without much faith, and without other options we got back into trouble, and it seems that things are pulling, as for my leg, well It has also improved and allows me to lead an almost normal life, although knowing that sooner or later I will go through the operating room again ... but I am happy.

A.- We hope to continue seeing and listening to the adventures and misadventures that the bicycle and the passion for it bring you in this new year.

You can see more about Fran Cochone at @francochone and @fixedandsingle