The year to reset

Who would have told us that everything we had worked and fought for in recent years to gain stability was going to falter in 3 months? Who could think that everything we have taken for granted, normalized, and standardized, we were going to have to change, think of a new normal and change our standards? Who was going to tell us ...? And so thousands of questions that if we stop, may come to mind.

Perhaps these questions do not arise for anyone, there will be people who since 2008 have taken the roll that this is "so" that in Spain we have a crisis and that we have to accept it, especially the Millennial generation is something with which in a way or another have tried to educate us, as much or more than "buy a house" before the real estate crisis when it was still possible for many ...

Trying to get out of the negative news loop and the national trend in Spain that basically comes down to the fault of those on the left or those on the right, but nobody looks at their feet ... and when I look at my feet I would like to see my feet with cycling shoes and those of many more people and the reality is that in the post - pandemic era everything seems to be positive.

It has been a time when the giant brick & mortar stores that did not have an online sales alternative have had a hard time and the smaller stores, with less fixed costs and where in many occasions the owner is the person who works it, have been able to adapt much better and be much more flexible.

It has also been a time when brands that had the B2C option developed have encouraged its use, and those that have not, have advanced processes in months that a priori would take much longer. On the other hand, they have also accelerated changes that perhaps were projected for another time, restructuring, layoffs, changes in strategy ... issues that only the bosses will know one hundred percent.

In a more personal aspect, the moment of confinement has served to think about the future and firmly decide to continue training, I have never lost that idea, but now it has taken more strength. I have had the challenge of making Facebook Live connections for the first time with a satisfactory result, I have also had the opportunity to hone my knowledge regarding online meeting platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet.

With out doubts, this 2020 is the year to reset and start something new.

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