A referent that has gone, Kinoko Cycles

"Today we have some sad news; Kinoko will be closing on 1st September.
Obviously the decision has not been an easy one, and there are a number of factors affecting it, but ultimately we have decided to wind up the business in order to pursue other interests.
We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge than you to all the brands, press and assorted creative folks we've had the enormous privilege of working with over the past few years. A special thank you is of course reserved for you, our customers, for your incredible support and enthusiasm for what we've tried to create.
All stock is now on clearance at significantly reduced prices online and in the studio. All in-store sales will be final, and online orders will be subject to a 14 day returns policy, with last online orders being taken on 17th August. Current and future orders will ship as normal.
We look forward to sending out the last few orders, and serving our final visitors before we shut up shop for good.
With all best wishes,

During the last weeks i hear  the sad news from two differents brick and mortar shops followed by me that  they will close soon, to be exactly, Velocult (Portland, EE.UU) and Fixed&Singled (Galicia,Spain) at the same time.  At that moment come to me a strange feeling, we can say is the law of the market, but is sad.City+County Bicycle Co. another shop that i follow for they unique cycling view, will close the shop to change in to a different format, that decision come about the violent changes on the industry.

Is the industry  really changing? Of course, is always changing, and if not is in the hands of the brands do it, new trends say hello, new brands arrive, other say bye, but more than a violent change of the industry is a new way to understand the cycling scene, the cyclist needs and the the retail zone.

The brick and mortar shops should have something different to offer than a online shop, must be an authentic place where the customer gets emotions, always touch is funniest than watch and test even more than touch... and this are things that you can not do it in a online shop.
So, if in the online store and in the "physical" store you will found the same, the physical should offer some value added, like mechanical service, or be a meeting point for cyclist, a place reference for take a coffee.... but maybe  the on that point of "physical" shop, is not necessary the "shop", but is necessary the coffee or the the mechanical support...

From my point of view the cycling is changing like most of the markets, in resume is something like "go fast, or go home" and not only good intentions and good products are enough to have a "physical" or brick and mortar, are a lot of factors that play on that game, but at the end you as a customer will choose the option that create in you the best experience. 

PD: I been in London during March 2014 visiting the Kinoko Store and the Headquarter of Condor, and i remember perfectly how amazing was this two shops in comparison with the rest that i visit, at that time Kinoko had a place for prepare coffee, but not for enjoy it.
The evolution from that shop was a reference for me, from Tokyo Fixed (online and offline) in to a Kinoko Store, them they push the frames of TF, they close the shop at Golden Square in the Soho to go online and focus in new opportunities, but also from that new way of business they say good bey one year ago.

At the end, Kinoko and  a shop Like PAVE(maybe more in another post) will be always a referent  but maybe to advance for the moment.