Lace up, the best in class. Quoc

The cyclist shoes with laces are here to stay. Not far away the lace in cycling was only used for the "treking" or in entry level shoes. Now almost all the brands that offer cycling shoes have minimum one in the range. (Giro, Lake, Mavic, Quoc, Scott, Shimano, Specialized, Vittoria and more) There are other brands like SiDi that doesn't see the laces as a must on their range.(read more in CyclingWeekly)

If we need to choose a "all rides" shoes, clearly will be with laces. They have an authentic look, and bring back the essence of the cycling. The different closure system are basically 4; laces, velcro straps, ratchet straps, BOA/Dial wheels.
According the "bike and the rider" is a shoes for her/him, and the profile that will shoes a new cycling shoes with laces for road is; a rider who likes to have the trends, that appreciate the handmade products, potentially wears a neutral style or new brands, who think that the important on the ride is not the competition is the company, someone that choose his bike not for a price reason, that maybe, but the important is whats that bikes means for her/him.

At that point is where i come back to reality and maybe the options of laces was the cheapest, but is not the normal. Brands like Mavic or Shimano have a really good option for laces one , the first one 100€ for road (Mavic AksiumIII) and the second for mtbt/touring (Shimano XC5-Mtb/Gravel , and MT4-Touring).

The style or the looks is important, but always the confort should be the first reason why you choose one or other, the most frequently positive point in the reviews that i saw till the moment, is about the wide, i can have my doubts about some models, but in general is something visible for the eyes.

Quoc for me is an reference not because looks nice, that of course it looks, for me is because all the models that they produce are with laces, and they are focus in a minority of cyclist, the vision that they have from the industry is different, the have a value proposition unique.

In conclusion Quoc is a new and cool option and the "brands" that doesn't belive in laces, are just a bit out, not only about laces, in general, with Fizik i don't have that feeling, they dont have a model with laces but also they dont have with velcro straps, but following the trends regarding the design. In other hand is Sidi, that in almost all the models have a tribal on the "design", i can't talk about that brand in terms of comfort because these are to tinny for my feets but "now" i will not look at them as a beautiful shoes, does't captive me.