Key elements in a new layout

With out doubts, the biggest bike rental in the Canary Islands and one of the most important in Europe is called Free Motion. The briefing for the layout of that new station was clear, the scene was almost empty, diaphanous with big windows at the from but nothing special to observe or be observed.

The station is located in a transited road directly to the port, in a strategy position for local and foreign customers and with a big potential for business. The station was projected for different stages, rental, bike sale, showroom for apparel, accessories, parts and also with the capacity to develop the connection between cycling and coffee seasoned with emotional elements.

The key elements to play on that design and bring a oportunity to standarized are basically three. And with this elements we have the solution for bike presentation, apparel with cross selling items, shoes, helmets, t-shirts and more items...

One and for me the most important key players is the wall structure in galvanized steel, it has two levels for presentation following standards measurements, and  have a wide range of possible position for hangers.

The drawers allow the shop staff to save the products directly in the POS and optimize the time with the clients, but at the same time that works as a bike podium, everything depends is the drawers are located inside the wall structure or out creating a podium.

Combining the materials that we use for the wall structure and for the drawer/podium born the furniture with shelves. This is apparently a normal furniture, but the distance with the shelves is specially design to display different items, and the wide of each shelve give us the possibility to present two size from the same items, like helmets or shoes.
The furniture work individually or in combination with another one and creating an island. In combination of two is possible present a bicycle with long distance between the axes, and just using one still the possibility to high light a road bike. When i say present a bike is necessary use a simple bike stand like Feedback or Pro.

In a typical bike shop, the workshop can looks easily a bit chaotic, but the standard at Free Motion is not be typical, is to be unique, for this reason the workshop have one side open at half height, so you can see what the mechanic is doing and the mechanic at the same time can recommend  about the items that you can find on that corner. The mechanics always are a value to trust in the shop, the customers expect from them a more honest suggestion than from a seller.

The most important from my point of view about this furniture is that from three different  you can create a wide option of layouts, if you want change the merchandising and work at the same time with different shops in a  execution by planogram,  the shops will not request accessories for the slat walls or things like this... everything is fix, but everything is mobile. The appearance of the elements will change according the needs.

Photos: Free Motion Bikecenter