In the era of the colorful socks Fingercrossed born to be different. In the last 5 years new cycling garments brands arrive to change the rules.

No matter how you look at it, a sock is a sock. The speech around the socks some years ago was about absorption, compressive, fibers, comfort, breathability,  and the design was not the main argument, them start to come a bit higher the socks, not only higher, but also funnier.

Match a neutral jersey with a full black bibshorts and them put a Fingercrossed in your feet and the combo is done. In one side this socks looks like a normal socks, but them you see the small detail that mark the different. They produce what brand like Assos is missing, for Summer2019 the range of this top brand, only have medium and low socks, neutral colors and basics, like in 2010.

Fortunately i can talk from the experience and the design do not compromise with the performance. The first feeling is not special, looks like normal, i can say maybe lighter than i was used to wear, a bit fragile. After some rides they are different for me, never get wet, does not change the density too much and keep my feet perfect inside the shoes, i need to say that with some brands you can have the feeling like the feet swells and is necessary to adjust again the dial/shoes.

So in conclusion the designs from Fingerscrossed with an aseptic style in classic colors  can mach with all kind of cyclist and also with all cycling kits.

For me is mandatory to say Thanks to, Vicente make a gift for me with the 100/100 Limited Edition, exactly i have the 74/100