Waiting for news, DSNV

The story of Dosnoventa begins from a fixed boutique in Barcelona, to a International brand for a new generation of urban cyclist. From my point of view the owners are two visionaries, they were in the moment they has the idea and they do it...  I can imagine that just a small segment of cyclist know what is Dosnoventa, from where they come and where they will go.

There are some iconics frames, from skinny frames with a clear keirin style, the super elegance oversize carbon frame,  or the super pink Houston.

Sometimes i realize my shelf questions about some cycling companies, and one of this is DSNV, Where is going the brand? The fixed market has a limit, they already produce some road frames, but the road market follow a different trends, new more technical information, more facts to believe in a product, and at the end in the market are several brands, big ones or small ones but really focused to offer the best. The standard in the market is a cycling brand who offer a full range between Road, Mtb, Tri, and the actual trend... the Gravel.

Dosnoventa grow in the opposite direction, from the fixed to the Road or CX, so the target is smaller and more or less specialized, their target has a lot of technical information offered by the brands but also  a lot of brands or frame builders that are just focus to create the best bike... So, why someone should choose a DSNV road bike?

This is something exclusive!
Yes, it is true, but also a Legor or a frame from Arruegui are more authentic and unic. I like Cannondale and Factor, and nobody will have doubts than in the price that you will pay is the development, the service, the warranty, the marketing, and the next...

Exclusivity have a limit, depends how many people believe in that and love that.

What will be the next from Dosnoventa?