Omata, a jewel for the handlebar

On the road is possible to found hundred kind of cyclist, from the ones who goes with an steel bike not to be cool just because is old and happy with that and doesn't need more, or the ones who spend a lot of their money just to reduce the weight, but only from their bikes.

In the middle of this two example of cyclist  is a new generation who really appreciate the details, i start to work in the bike industry at the end of 2006 and i can remember the passion that the color of a klein generate in that kind of cyclist, just that was ten years ago. Omata is a brand for them.

Is really ideal to see new products, limited edition items, or just special collections that are made for the cyclist who love the small details, the originality of a product, and to have something exclusivity, but how profitable are this items, which is the price you should pay to have something like that, or better how much you want pay for that. For me looks really amazing, looks cool as a cucumber, match perfect my dream bike, and combine as you can not imagine with my bottle cages  Elite Ciussi inox, or with my old Selle Italia upholstered, but at the end with strava in the phone and an analog watch i still feeling superb.

I didn't have the opportunity to see and no chance to touch it but even like that is at the list of dream items.

Some day