Mavic Comete Ultimate at Free Motion

The Mavic Comete Ultimate are for sale exclusively at Free Motion Bikecenter for the Canary Islands, in Playa del Inglés, if you are interested in knowing more about the shoes that changed the rules of the game you can make an appointment on the Riding is Believing platform of Mavic choosing the shoes and depending on where you are, they will recommend the closest retailer.

In the case of the Canary Islands, Free Motion will be your retailer and the person in charge of taking you to an unbeatable experience, if you want to know something more prior to your appointment, I invite you to read my experience with them, but above all to try them and have your own opinion and of course your own Ultimate Comets that will make you fly.

There are opportunities that happen once in a lifetime, and one of them is having experienced the launch of "The Slippers" that will change the rules of the game. After the relevant flights Gran Canaria-Copenhagen-Nice we finally arrived in Monaco to attend a presentation of a novel / revolutionary product, under a halo of prior secrecy, the only thing that was known was that they were exclusive shoes.

The secrecy was such that the displays themselves that introduced you to the presentation only showed the silhouette. From Spain the stores with representation were only five, and that makes you think of the magnitude of what we were going to present, and so it was. First of all, those responsible for the development of the product, present how it has been reached up to here, and what really makes this product great is a mix between the final result, the process and what is to come. It took four years to get the first cycling shoe that will make you feel like a real pro. Developed hand in hand, with Dan Martin you have everything a winner wants. Take full advantage of the effort, not lose energy and fully connect with the bike.

The Comete Ultimate are Dual built, consisting of two parts, a carbon shell and a bootie. In this way, the distance between the interior contact point and the cleats is reduced to just 4.5mm, thus obtaining three major fundamental benefits. 15% energy saving by the rider, saving 4.2 watts per pedal and a delay in fatigue to be 100% ready for the final sprint. By being fully connected to the bicycle, a more fluid movement is achieved, a completely round peeling thanks to the low profile around the ankle, 3º of angulation, which means a + 19% in mobility and thus reducing the deadlock.

The Comete Ultimate are to conventional shoes what Lamborghini is for passenger cars. They will not be the most comfortable shoes for everyone, but they will be the shoes that best transmit strength, "the most powerful". They are compatible with all road cleats.

In the first place, we must make an approximation to go to our size, perhaps it coincides with the usual size used or perhaps we have to go to a higher size, they are not developed to be 100% conformable, they are designed to be 100% effective in its function, to use all the power in a fixed point and not to lose any energy. Each carbon shell and booty have two sizes range, changing the template we will achieve our desired fit. If when testing the shoes we do it with a Mavic Cosmic sock or with a Mavic Comete a priori we will not feel a great difference, but if it will increase over time thanks to the plantar pads that this new range of socks incorporates. (Available in Mavic yellow or in black with corporate rear vertical line)

It is the most rigid footwear of the moment, the feeling you experience is totally different from what you have tried. The sensation when introducing the foot in the booty is unique, you start to feel its stiffness until you get the fit and turn the MavicErgoDial, the sound of the Dial with carbon is very characteristic, I would say it is the sound of the Comets. The fit is unmatched it might seem that covering a shoe in two size ranges would lose comfort, but based on the sole of normal shoes, the same sole / sole works for two sizes. In case of wearing special insoles it is better to compare between different sizes always looking for a superior one.

In conclusion, it is a unique shoe, with which to transmit all your strength, with which you will take connectivity to your bicycle to another level and in which you will have to find your comfort point. Basically it is carbon, and although what you are looking for is the stiffness, it can be "adapted" to our foot.

They are not intended to be thermoformable, but at rest I have achieved what I was looking for with them, adapting the contact points where I lost comfort, one of them was the ring finger of the left foot where it produced friction and the area of the heels in general.

The issue of the toe is something that was not new to me, each new shoe produces it for me because a direct pad to the toe solves it, what missed me was the pressure on the heel. It made me go to sleep on some longer outings. The solution I keep trying but it is very effective, it consists of filling the booty in the heel area with some textile garment, always with the uncertain booty in the shell, since what you have to give up is not the booty, it is only the shell .

Every time the sensation of power and comfort are increasing so that at each exit it is the perfect shoe, not only designed for power, but also aimed at comfort.