No Pain No Gain Jersey, FreeMotion by Santini

This design/idea was started on Febrary 2016 during my daily brake on the work as Shop Manager at Free Motion and finish and "update in the shadow" on May 2016 when the high season was in the end with enough time again to loves the bikes.

I feel almost like a task to show a old idea. Is not a way to say i got first the ligthning on my brain than other but, just a few days after a formalize this idea, i start to saw more and more designs with the same concept. Maybe i already saw in other brand before and so I got the idea but I am 100% sure that i didnt see something like this.

Can be a posibility that i hunted same reference/influence.

The Pico de las Nieves marks the geographical center of the island of Gran Canaria, The Snaking Road hipnotize while its crushing your body and consume your forces on the rise , but it certainly is must for all .

After one year, the agency took the idea and redesign to create a new layout with the same concept.

El Pico de las Nieves marca el centro de la Isla de Gran Canaria, con su altitud y dureza se convierte en reto ineludible para aquel ciclista que nos visita. El serpenteo de su subida hipnotiza a la vez que machaca tu cuerpo y consume tus fuerzas, pero sin duda es visita obligada para todos.
The contours show the harsh terrain , these curves are the meaning to our new design. The union of curves, lines and as plain maillot create a combination that evokes the logo / cover created by Peter Saville for Joy Division.
 Las curvas de nivel delantan la dureza del terreno, esas curvas son las que dan sentido a nuestro nuevo diseño. La unión de curvas, lineas y el maillot como plano crean una combinación que evoca al logo/portada creado por Peter Saville para Joy Division.