WorkShop 8 vs 10

Probably where I spend the most time in the workshop (05.05.2015), and assembly / repair is not always easy, but with the number of bicycles that can pass through your hands, you can almost intuit what it is, or at first glance which solution is best for a client.

The customer in question wanted to upgrade his Giant from the 90s mounted on a full 105 group of 8 sprockets, evolve it at 10 speeds.

The only solution they had offered him so far was to forget about his beloved bicycle that would have made him experience so many adventures, and buy a new one ...

It is an option, but not the only one, since calculating the movement of the change, the hub core and the geometry with respect to the cranks, the solution was to change controls, sprockets, chain and a lot of love.

It is clear that it is not a miracle, the route of the 105 change from the 1st sprocket to the 8th and 10th sprocket, simply the command is the one that will decide the number of stops it makes in the same distance.

The smoothness of the shot 1.2 Shimano helps, and for less than what the customer in his tight budget, and that was not enough for a bicycle in the benefits that he expected, one more gem continues to circulate on the asphalt.