El camino

Our path comes almost by surprise, but a kind of very deliberate surprise. We feel a need for every civilized human being, to dress, and above all a need for a resigned cyclist and denied to be a billboard full of images and brands. We create a simple image that tells where we move, where we are going, and where we are from.

We live in a wonderful place that we have ruined, we have destroyed places that only future generations see in photos and are amazed by its beauty. We are wild animals that move en masse and that we lose values, as if we had never known the word civility and much less its meaning, perhaps for this reason we can only escape as far as the earth or the asphalt leaves us to reconsider, demonstrate that we can live in harmony with other animals.
Going out to roll is just what you want. Get out, feel the legs, the bike, the grip of the tires, that new handlebar tape, the right cadence, the saddle with which you tried to lose weight but feel it ... in pain.

It is not necessary to belong to any cycling sect to go rolling you can go out alone, as a couple, in a group, or join the group that you want as long as you respect it.

It would be inappropriate to demand that you put on a brand jersey to go out shooting with a group, a store or a club. Obviously, as long as the colors of the grotto are the most similar, it will have better visibility and could be understood as a unit for vehicles traveling nearby ...

We will only ask you for a favor, say hello and be interested in any cyclist, do not look at what goes, only how it goes.