Classic Jersey&Cap

Everyday someone someone decides to start pedaling with the sole purpose of suffering to celebrate, it is in that suffering in which you need to have control of your body, mind and bicycle, and to accompany you to celebrate Asphalt Cycling commits to design the most elegant as well as functional to wish to celebrate and share every achievement on wheels.

There are so many "difficult" things in this life, and one of them is the beginning, so we want to start pedaling together, creating and improving. 
Everything you see is the result of interest in cycling fashion and the search for greater visibility without losing an elegant image, we find the tricolor balance making a linear nod to the past. The jersey is available pre-order, we are currently in the process of production and development, but you can now make your reservation by mail to

This first edition will be the starting point, being of vital importance to me hat if you like the project you help us in spreading it, we will be so grateful that in the event of a puncture, we would give you our bicycle so you can get home, But luckily for both of us, several tubes fit in  an Asphalt Cycling jerseys.

Foto. Pedro Glez